How did the Maplestory 2 alpha testing?

Need all doing well?
Alpha testing is not the end of ten days neundeyo been ~
We’re analyzing the test results submitted, and you
I’m having a busy day without nunko new garden to make better MapleStory 2. ^

Crying (?) Utdeon of watching the gun gave yours truly leave your details and inspiring reviews
For those who think a little more and you agree jotgetdaneun
‘m Going to introduce you to this place rented.
The surprise was the event late character alpha testers ‘dove”s first post is refer you!
Maple Story 2 – GM Warrick’s surprise event? ‘
For the mini-game ‘Final Survivor thrilling and Description
Thanks for the selection became vividly expressed by memories of the ‘GM Warwick’
(GM Warwick: ^ They’re making as a souvenir picture next to … Dove)

Forward to posting those testers who write drill yigoyo will share this week ~

We introduce articles of games gijanim who write wonderful articles also join us in the tests as particularly hard the first time today.
MapleStory 2 alpha test, and tied the cute rich Outdoor sports (games Mecca)
MapleStory 2 How was the first test? (Game Insight)
Games people notice? … ‘Maple Story 2 “Open Alpha Test’ Gonna ‘(game Shipbuilding)
[He tried] intended ‘nogada? “Outdoor sports are a lot of MapleStory 2 (This Is Game)
[Experiences] “primitive animated fun” MapleStory 2 alpha test reviews (inventory)
Many who wish to give outboard wait for the next test.
Us also work hard on your heart to see you again! Is in the process of trying.

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    what time test? Why i dont kown!

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