How old are Tear/Kyle/Velderoth supposed to be?

I’ve always seen the PCs as pretty young — probably because of the artstyle and how most NPCs are taller and differently proportioned. So while it’s uncomfortable enough that literally every NPC I’ve met so far as Tear has sexualized her, the fact that I keep seeing her as adolescent just raises that exponentially…

On the other hand, I’m pretty sure they’re all at least a couple decades old? I lagged too badly during the intro cutscene and didn’t get to see it when I first started playing AB, but looking at other videos it says decades pass between the creation of the Heliseum Force and the present. I could see her being a young adult, like I see the Heroes. But on the other hand, Magnus called her a little girl, so maybe Novans age slowly… on the other, other hand, pretty much everyone talks down to her and “little girl” might as well be one more to add to that list.

I’m just wondering if anything is ever said about what their ages are, so that I can at least know if I’m right or wrong about some things. I’m also wondering if AB’s storyline ever starts treating her as more than a pretty doll, or if Kaiser’s will ever stop calling me a dude.

Decades passed after the old Kaiser died.

The lore of Kaiser is that when the former Kaiser dies, a child is born later on to replace him.

The trio all appear to be the same age.

One thing I would like to point out is male Kaiser’s voice acting used during skills. It is FAR too masculine to be of anything in the teen years. On the other hand, Angelic Buster’s voice acting sounds more like cutesy teen, however I feel like there are times where it returns to being normal teen (such as when she asks if she has to wear her Make-Up outfit)

There does seem to be time inconsistencies between Maple World and Grandis. The time period between when Magnus takes over Heliseum and when the Black Mage was sealed is clearly different, despite the fact that Magnus seems to have headed straight for Heliseum after stealing Guwaru’s powers.

…but we are just looking at maplestory…

I think the big thing is that they are part dragon, as such their aging process is much different, however they seem to transition normally from child to adult. One example from another work of fiction is Fire Emblem, which contains the Manakete race, who consist of dragons in human form. One of the child characters in Fire Emblem Awakening, Nah, is a human/manakete hybrid, however she ages at about the same rate as other child characters in the game, albeit looking only slightly younger.

In sharp contrast, her mother Nowi looks to be about 12 or 13, yet is stated to be over a thousand years old. And yet another Manakete, Tiki, is seen to be an adult, yet looked only like a child in the Fire Emblem shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem games (which take place many centuries earlier than awakening, and I don’t remember how old Tiki was in those games). In a different scenario, the Avatar’s child character, Morgan, physical appearance ages at a normal rate even if she is a manakete (she would also be a human/manakete hybrid in this scenario)

In short, human/dragon hybrids seem to age at a slower rate than humans, however pre-adolescents age at a much faster rate, whereas older human/dragon hybrids show little to no difference even after what seem to be centuries have passed. If we look at the adults who were present in Grandis at the time that the former Kaiser died, they show no physical difference in age despite the centuries that have passed. In fact, all the adults present back then are still alive in Grandis in present time.

…I don’t know where i went with this at all, why am I thinking so much about how human/dragon hybrids age…

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