I need some help, and I’m a returning player. I really would love some advice

Hello everyone!!! I’ve played maple in SEA for a very long time and is thinking whether to return to it. However, this time, I’m thinking of trying GMS. Here’s a small history off me. I’ve played maple for like close to 10 years ever since SEA reopened it’s servers and have spend hundreds on acash, the equivelent of NX points here. However, due to the efficiency in the SEA servers, it’s very hard to really top and get to the high end unless your spending thousands. What’s more, I heard most of the SEA players went off to GMS or to Korean MS or even started playing some private server, forgot what it’s called. In SEA I have couple of characters ranging from 150 to all the way to 180. However, despite this high level, it’s really hard to find a group of friends to party, unless you really spend alot. Most of the members in the SEA community prioritize profits over fun so yeahhh so everyone wants to earn. Also Asiasoft, the company that sponsors MS in the SEA region really reduced the drop rate of many good items, so it’s really lucky and its also hard to compete with many botters.

So overall, the community in SEA is very toxic, and its really hard to enjoy, as most of the time its solo

I really need some advice. If I were to start again on GMS this time, would I experience the same thing?
Is the servers empty, and ruled by the rich?
How much NX would I need to spend to get to high end?
How many players actually still play this game and have fun, rather than profit?
Should I just wait for the Maplestory 3D to comeout instead, rather than to migrate here?

An old and very lost maplerstory

I remembered in SEA, the party quest people do is RNJ from 70-150 and maybe monster carnival and SEA it’s so efficient that people do it with multiple accounts. Everyone wants to solo <<< or solo >>> while someone does the jump quest.

Well I was really expecting maybe like a somewhat better community but nvm. Thanks =D

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