I personally don’t think that we will get the +10 maplestory prime scrolls back

Hi Everyone,

Just so you know, I personally don’t think that we will get the +10 prime scrolls back this year because KMS’s 11th anniversary (which is our 10th since we’re one year behind them) didn’t have anything good other than the typical event stuff (epic pot scrolls, clean slates 10%, COGs, iCogs, etc. etc.); however, I would just like to know everyone’s opinions on where to farm maple leaves now that evo world SUCKS (yes… it sucks…) if you’re lvl207. I plan to use those leaves to buy shield scrolls and hopefully start scrolling my clean fafnir claw with 15% spell traces in anticipation of switching from my phantom to a new NW (NW is currently lvl170).

My character is currently in BROA, if anyone is interested in trading a similar NW claw for my perfectly scrolled (with prime scrolls) fafnir cane (unique pot with +30% boss, +25% boss nebulite, and 11 starred enhanced) or trading a similar Ereve Brilliance for a legendary potted carte finale (2 lines of +30% boss along with a +25% boss nebulite), please let me know in this thread and leave ur username.

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