I want class good maplestory pve and fun play?

hey guys i new here i want class good pve and fun play ? can anyone maplestory Advice me ?

I will list a few classes below in Terms Ranged/Close Combat

If you like Close Ranged gameplay then try one of these.

Demon Avenger “Very High DMG output can possibly even Solo Zakum at lv.140 with no funding”

Kaiser “Not as Strong as most warriors but is a very good Starting class… he can turn into a Dragon”

Demon Slayer “He is more aimed towards Mobbing, and does less dmg then Demon Avenger”

Phantom “He is very slow at the start but gains dmg/speed over course of Job Advancements, -WARNING- he is VERY WEAK, however he gains this back with the ability to Steal Skills but almost ever Character but only 1 per Job Advancement.

If you like long ranged gameplay then try any of these.

Wind Archer “#1 at Mobbing when it comes to ranged attacks”
Night Walker “#1 at Mobbing when it comes to ranged attacks” -This guys mobing is a bit slower, but it speeds up later on”
Luminous “Very good Mobbing class not as much range as Wind Archers Triffle or Night Walkers Bats, but he gains that back with the ability to switch between Light/Dark and whichever side you are on, the skills that are based around that color will do double lines of dmg. So if a Skill does 10Hits it will do 20Hits on the side based towards the color it is.”

When you asked which class is more Fun it really depends on you and what you like more when it come to Fighting, Ranged/Close Range

I do HIGHLY recommend Wind Archers if you want Ranged though, I also Highly Recommend playing on a good Computer while playing one… You have been Warned.

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