In those ten years maplestory has developed and players have had their own stories to tell

Happy 10th Anniversary!

In those ten years maplestory has developed and players have had their own stories to tell. So what’s your story? How did you get into maple? What was your favourite memory?

Back in 2009 I was 9 years old and I first got my computer so I wasn’t quite too familiar with the internet world, but not completely unfamiliar either. I was playing an MMORPG called “Free Realms” which was directed for kids (eventually became more for teens / young adults since we grew up, but it closed March 31st 2014)(Fun fact: Free Realms is where I got the name “Spencer” in the first place!). I thought it was pretty cool. Then my brother came to visit and said “Hey you should check out this game called MapleStory.”

He went on the website and I thought it looked really cool. He was helping me register an account but when I put in my age it said I was too young and I needed to be 13 to play. I wasn’t that much of a troublemaking kid so I didn’t feel right about lying about my age. Two years later I remember the name and go back in 2011. I’m still too young but I say I’m 13 anyways. It was around the time mechanic had just come out so my first character was a mechanic. I played a bit and I thought getting to 30 was really hard, and then that anyone over 50 was like a god.
My highest level at the time was about a level 43 and I thought that was pretty high. I took a break from MapleStory for a bit since I was playing other games and returned when Legends came out. Man I was SO hyped for Demon Slayer. Played him, surpassed the level 50’s and went on to much higher levels and I was shocked how far I had come. Eventually my Demon Slayer became my highest level character EVER. Which was around 120… Today he is 142 and he is my second highest level. The honor of highest level goes to my level 161 Zero (Yes yes I know I need to reach 180 shut up Tia and Esky. youguysarestillgreatthough<3)

That’s pretty much how my MapleStory adventure has gone~
For a favorite memory… I’d say there was this one girl I used to hang out with in Amoria all the time. Mostly at the last map with the benches n stuff. She was one of my greatest MapleStory friend’s until she quit.

But that’s my story~ Sorry if it’s gonna be a wall of text ^^’

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