It makes one think twice whether to even start up Maple in the morning

Welcome back, Nexon staff, and Happy New Year.

I hope enjoyed your holidays and had a nice relaxing vacation, and are now full of energy.

I took the liberty of compiling a list of the most urgent and important issues that popped up while you were (mostly) gone. I hope you can get on them quickly.

Urgent / Time-Critical / Event-Related
Louie-Roid unpurchasable
Urgent because this item is in the Reboot Coin Shop (on all worlds), which is open until January 27.

The android can’t be bought, even if one has the 3000 coins, unless one has completed the Sizzling Santa event. We were not told of this requirement. By the time it came to light, it was too late to start and finish the event. Furthermore, the event can only be done on one character per account, and some people started it on a character they did not collect coins on.

The requirement needs to be removed. 3000 coins are hard enough to collect, and pretty much require passing up everything else in that shop. This is equivalent, in terms of effort, to the price of the Magnus/Hilla androids in the Firepower event shop, which have the same functionality as the Louie-Roid.

Meister Cubes Reward from Attendance disappear.
Urgent because the last day of the attendance is tomorrow (January 5th). If a fix can be implemented before end-of-day tomorrow, people who knew of the bug and refrained from claiming the reward can get all three cubes.
However, even if a fix is implemented that quickly, all those who lost cubes need to have them re-issued (this is less time-critical).

Sizzling Santa event needs to be brought back for two weeks.
Note that this is unrelated to the Louie-Roid issue.
Sizzling Santa event was glitched, so that many people were unable to progress in it for over a week, and could therefore not finish it in time. It should have been extended. But since it was not, it needs to be brought back, with all progress preserved, for those who wish to complete it.

Stop Ghostly Glow Bells dropping
This is not a bug as such, but it’s an event that serves only as an annoyance (it can’t be opted out of) and has no worthwhile rewards. It should simply be stopped.

Star World event not properly reset
This is a rerun of an event we had last year.
The update notes said that we could do it again even if we did it then. But it turns out that certain rewards that are “once per account” cannot be claimed on a different character now, since the game remembers them being claimed last year. This was not in the notes and is not fair to those who did all the work to qualify for the rewards. It needs fixing before the event ends on January 13.

Link skills coming unlinked
This is happening to everyone in Reboot World, but also to Kinesis characters and some others in other worlds. The link skills disappear on logout and one needs to log in to every link character before finally starting to play on the character they want to play. It makes one think twice whether to even start up Maple in the morning.

Client crashes when using dash-type skills at Gollux
Gollux platforms disappearing
Gollux is one of the most popular bosses in the game, suitable for both weak and strong characters. Therefore, these glitches, that make it nearly impossible to fight, affect a very large part of the player base.

Reboot World Cheat2win situation.
This has gotten completely out of hand. Many maps are full of botters or hackers, exploits reported Day 1 are still unpatched, people are selling accounts, boss carries, and meso leeches for real-world money, and so on and so forth. Please do something about it.

There are, of course, many many other issues that affect some or many players. Just look in the Bug Reporting section. But the ones above, I feel, are the ones that need attention ASAP.

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