It should be illegal to have this much unused defense

And I’m not even a paladin.

I think there should be a bonus for classes with cap exceeding defense that converts into a ratio of HP % damage reduction. Like for STR classes, it would be based on 1:1000. For thieves, it’d probably be like 1:250.
For classes in between and for some special case classes like Shadower, who is a thief but with a high boost of defense, it would be somewhere around 1:500~1:750.

Also, this doesn’t stack with other HP % reduction skills, but will be subtracted after other HP % reduction skills have taken effect. So if I had 5,000 HP and got hit from a 60% hp damage attack and had a 30% hp reduction skill, that skill would take effect to remove 900 HP from what would have been 3,000 damage. Then, if I had 5% HP reduction from defense, it would remove only 105 HP from what would then be 2100 HP attack, making the total HP absorbed be 1005 of 3,000 damage (somewhere between 30% and 35% HP absorbed).

No it’s a good philosophy for players’ defence stat, but in the usual Nexon paradigm they opted for bigger numbers and artificial caps instead of lower numbers and caps you never reach. It’s better when every class is closer together defence-wise because it makes balancing enemies much easier. %hp attacks wouldn’t need to exist if every class’s effective hp (defence combined with max hp) were closer together. Eg a thief can take 3 hits while a warrior can take 7, that kind of thing.
They actually already implemented a soft cap by making defence scale logarithmically. That is you get 30% damage reduction at 3.6k defence, 40% at 6.4k and 50% at 10k. A paladin’s 20k defence only amounts to a 70% damage reduction. All that really needs to be done is pick a maximum damage reduction percentage and tweak the formula so that it soft caps at that point and then uncap defence. Right now the formula is:
%reduction = sqrt(Player.Def)/2
Currently it would take 40k defence to achieve 100% damage reduction. If the defence formula was more like:
%reduction = sqrt(sqrt(Player.def))*5
it would soft cap at ~60% reduction at 20k defence. Having 40k defence would give you a 70% damage reduction. However this specific formula heavily favours lower amounts of defence. A mere 400 defence would give more than a 20% damage reduction.

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