it’s hands down better than any other alternative for a level range of 70-140

This is week… 3? Of Reboot. The amount of players hasn’t wavered at all. It is actually just unplayable during 2x events, making 2x times actually worse off than 1x times. The lag is horrible. Every single instance is filled (because the way it’s done is already bad…).

Can we have a fix for this? It’s not going to magically change a month from now, I think. Reboot is a huge success (relatively) so far.

I propose a Reboot 2. Just another server. Reboot has no economy, and is still new. Diving the overflowing community will help for a multitude of things:

A. Server stability**
B. Map availability
C. Instance space*

*: I find it kind of ridiculous that instances have limited amount of space… It’s not like it’s 10 parties a channel, either. It’s one. R&J is impossible to get into during 2x, and it’s hands down better than any other alternative for a level range of 70-140. So yes, it’s definitely possible to go elsewhere, but it’s so much slower. Right now, I cannot find a single Hilla channel.

**: There were hiccups so large during the last 2x that my party had sat there for about a minute or two waiting for the server to stop freezing. Multiple times.

Edit: Holy crap. I can’t even get into Dimension Invasion. I didn’t even know this place had a limit. Please, Nexon.

Well, regardless of if you are serious or not, I’m pretty sure there’s someone out there thinking this.

To illustrate how bad this is, channels in Reboot are crashing right now due to overpopulation.
I shouldn’t have to avoid content because there’s simply too many people doing it. It’s not even a large amount either, it’s just that the content itself is gated by 20 parties max. It is pretty much full all day everyday on Reboot, and even gets filled on normal, dead server during 2x. If you, somehow, think that content being impossible to do because of something as stupid as overpopulation, I don’t know what to tell you.

The argument of “Just go back to one of the old worlds” is so asinine I can barely begin. I am playing Reboot for a reason. It’s not a normal server. A normal server is not what I’m looking for, and obviously by the player count, that opinion rings true with many other people. If Nexon cannot (or, in their case, will not) supply the players with what they need to simply play the game, they are failing as a company.

Who said they are the ones that have to move people? Supply those who want it with a transfer ticket(or a few, for multiple characters). I can assure you there are many people who think the idea of a world without a server-exploding amount of people is more than enough. I know my friends and I would jump ship, personally.

If you think about it, there isn’t that much reason to stay on Reboot 1 if you were given the choice. There’s no economy. The world is still brand new, communities are still barely beginning to develop. The gameplay is the same. Most likely, you do not have a huge array of characters on Reboot yet. If so, they could always just provide a couple of tickets. As well as some character expansion tickets.

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