Kanna and Hayato Events: 10/7 – 10/28

Wednesday, October 7 – Wednesday, October 28

Kanna and Hayato have been away for awhile, but their hiatus is ending. These two Sengoku jobs have been revamped with skill improvements, a combo system for Hayato, and new skills for Kanna! Now is the best time to jump in and try out these characters. To help you find your way, we’re running some events this month!

A Stronger Sengoku – Spirit of Sengoku (Existing Characters)

If you already have a Kanna or Hayato character on your account that was created before October 7, 2015, this event is for you. Accept the quest for Kanna or Hayato, but keep in mind that only one existing Kanna character and one existing Hayato character can participate per account. Hunt monsters to collect the necessary quest items. Turn them in to the event NPC to receive a medal, ring, badge, and weapon scroll! Then, once a day you can destroy 200 monsters within your level range (up to 10 levels below your level, or up to 20 levels above your level) to earn one 2x EXP Coupon per day!

A Stronger Sengoku – Promise of Progress (New Characters)

Create a new Kanna or Hayato character after October 7, 2015 to participate in this event. Even if you have existing Kanna or Hayato characters doing the ‘Spirit of Sengoku’ event, you can still create new Kanna or Hayato characters to participate in this event too! Accept the quest for Kanna or Hayato, but keep in mind that only one new Kanna character and one new Hayato character can participate per account. Level up to reach certain goals (Lv. 30, 60, 100, and 140) and you will be rewarded with a level-appropriate weapon and equipment. As you level higher, you will also earn a badge (Lv. 60), ring (Lv. 100), medal (Lv. 140), and 1,000,000 mesos (Lv. 140)! By logging in once a day, you can also receive two 1.5X EXP Coupons (30-minute duration) and thirty Power Elixirs per day.

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