KMST ver. 1.2.028 – Heroes of Maple Act 3?

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post, looks like a new Tespia patch was released today! No patch notes yet and I don’t think the game is up, but I manually patched my client and got some illustrations from Act 3 of Heroes of Maple!

EDIT: A few changes were made to Absolabs equipment! And some new stages were added to God of Control.

The difficulty of acquiring level 160 Absolabs equipment has been changed.

The number of Absolabs Coins required to trade in for an Absolabs weapon has been decreased from 6 to 5.
The number of Basic Energy Cores (A) required to trade in for 1 Absolabs Coin has been decreased from 50 to 30.
The number of Advanced Energy Cores (S) dropped by Normal Suu has been increased.
The Star Force enhancement formula for equipment with a required level of 160 or higher has been changed.

The 16th and higher stars’ attack, magic attack, and stats added have been increased.

Challenge Mode

The following changes have been made to God of Control.

Stages 31~40 have been added.
Stage 10’s platform movement range has been changed.
Stage 14’s difficulty has been changed.
Stage 23’s goals have been changed.
Stage 29’s difficulty has been lowered, the previous difficulty has now become Stage 39.
Stage 30’s difficulty has been lowered, the previous difficulty has now become Stage 40.
After clearing a stage, you can now use <Challenge Mode> where the timer will be reset any time you hit a trap, in order to meet the remaining challenges.

God of Control

As you may know from watching the ending of Act 2, Act 3 will be taking place in Seoul. And that means that our Heroes will have to go undercover! Here’s Mercedes‘ outfit.



Phantom looking spiffy as always. Although I’m not sure why his illustrations have brown hair while his NPC has blonde…


Someone named Gonan will be attending the party everyone’s at as well. Phantom should look out… I’ve heard about a famous detective with a similar name…



Luminous obviously has to be wearing black and white.

Looks like he’ll be hit by something and taken out… maybe the White Mage from Kinesis’ storyline will appear?

White Mage from Kinesis


White Mage from Kinesis2

I think Evan will be staying onboard Abraxas this time, so his illustrations all look like they’re on a screen or something.


Speaking of which, Abraxas is going to be shot down?!


Finally, Damien appears! And is that the Transcendent Stone? Luminous, Mercedes, and Phantom will use their strongest attacks to try and defeat him (they actually do all use like 3-4 skills each on him at the same time, this is just a single frame!).

Abraxas Chair

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