Last 3 maplestory monster research quests

Am I the only one who thinks it’s completely crazy that the last 3 monster research quests (quests 7-9) are all collection quests, requiring you collect 500 maplestory items (100×2 for moon bunny, 100×2 for ribbon pig, and 100 for slimes)? How is anyone without a pet going to do this in a reasonable amount of time?

Even with a pet it takes forever.

It took my Kanna(!), with pet and Big Spider, 10 minutes to collect the pig ribbons. That’s how sucky the map, spawn, and drop rates are. And just to make it more fun, the blue pigs spawn less than the red ones.

I hate it when MapleStory goes all Koreans-love-the-grind on us.

At least the slimes have a decent spawn. And the golems/surgeon-eyes are normal.

And then the daily is to collect another 100 ribbons, in that same horrible map with horrible spawn. For 5 coins. Ugh.

I do foresee something of a market for the drops, though. This time they’re all tradeable, unlike the Moisturizes. Watch out, though: the pig ribbons for the story quest and the pig ribbons for the daily are different items. They have the same name, same picture, and same description, but they have two different item IDs. Should be plenty of confusion in the Free Market with those…

Depends on where you live. I live 10,000 miles from Nexon HQ, and my loot lag is such that it takes me a full second to pick up an item. 200 items = over 3 minutes of standing still over items. Not counting the time to move to the drops, etc.

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