lets discuss maplestory the mechanical graveyard

i’ve had tons and TONS of people saying that drill hall 2 is still far better than many of the maps in the mechanical graveyard. I really don’t feel this is the case however i’d like to see what the community as a whole thinks is the truth.

When I accidentally went to Scrapyard, first thing I did was search for a map that would work as an adequate training ground.

First thing I noticed was that elite mobs were spawning, which is always a plus.

Second thing I noticed was the size of many of the maps. Much larger than Second Drill Hall, I’ll give them that. Also, getting around to train inside many of them may be hard for some classes, such as Explorer Warriors and Buccaneers from what was off the top of my head. However, since it is a level 190 area, and all of the enemies are level 200+, trainers will have all the hyper skills, so shouldn’t be too big an issue.

Third thing I noticed was that some of the enemies spawned some weaker enemies upon defeat, which might cause some chaos if training in them, especially if you can’t kill upwards of 6 enemies in a single attack or second of using hurricane skills.

Finally, the meteors seem to be there to discourage AFK training, at least in my opinion.

I myself, as a level 202 Wild Hunter, found training in Skyline 2 (the map with nothing but Repairoids) to produce acceptable results for my needs.

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