Let’s Predict MapleStory 2 NA Release!

Anybody wanted to take guesses when MapleStory 2 will be released in NA? My guess is as early as January 2016 if they respond to fan outcry. If not, then we will get it as late as Summer 2016. I say this because MapleStory 1 took almost 2 years to be released in NA, but that was due to lack of popularity. MapleStory 2 is already popular in the NA region, so most likely it will be released much sooner than 2 years. I think if they do release it early, they will have it function to the Korean version’s early stages (gradually raising the maximum level), but if they do plan on release it as a “finished product” (MapleStory 2 will never be finished with the fresh new content) it will be released soon after Korea’s version is finished. It’s not like they’re building the game from scrap, Nexon of NA will just have to translate it. Also keep in mind they probably have much better equipment and programs which could make most of the processes much quicker. Any thoughts?

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