Level ~90 Pink Bean Leveling “Cheats”

Okay, discovered this today. I did this at level 94 with basically just a few junk equips (using a Paper Stick as my main weapon), but you can probably do it at a lower level, especially if you have better equips.

This probably also works even better during 2x or with other coupons (although you’ll lose buff exp coupons).

The trick is that PB is inherently more powerful than ALL other maple characters.

What this means is that you can take on mobs that are significantly higher than your present level and with enough concerted effort you can kill them.

Now, normally that means squat cause the experience you get isn’t very good for all the extra time it takes to kill them.

But there is ONE very notable exception.

Normal Zakum

Or rather Normal Zakum’s ARMS!

Now, you can’t beat Normal Zakum at level 90… well, I suppose maybe if you had enough time and potions you might be able to, but that’s not the point.

The point is to just kill the ARMS!

If you kill just the arms and then die or log out and then do your second run… well I went from level 95 to level 101 in less than 5 minutes! o_O

And you can do this EVERY DAY!

Yeeaaaah, pretty sweet and easy way to get a TON of experience and easy levels with no real effort at all.

I’m thinking this probably does not work so good with regular Maple characters, but you could try it and see.

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