List of things for REBOOT

Being a long time mapler, I love the idea of this server. But I play for the end game, which is poorly suffering right now in the server. Also some things need some transparency in which even the live chat GMs have little to know knowledge of. My list:

1. Sweetwater drops randomly and for all classes, not your own. Small issue, but this will make it much harder to get your item in a timely manner.

2. Potential scrolls are very hard to come by and farming elites is limited with little chance of reward.

3. There are no RESPAWN wheels/passes. This makes bossing much much harder such as Empress or Chaos pink bean not worth doing at all because it’s easier to get other rewards elsewhere.

4. Monster Cards don’t exist and I’m not sure why.

5. Cash shop item specials don’t translate to reboot. ESPECIALLY THE NERO PET. WHY. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE PERM ITS SO CUTE I NEED IT.

That’s all I have for now. But these things really put a damper on the end game, going against the values that were set in place for the reboot server.

One more thing which is a rantish thing: You gave out fafnir and absolab weapon boxes to people ON REBOOT on hot time. That’s a significant advantage above ALL of us. Especially since there’s no way to get absolab coins. Why would you give so few so much power.

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