Locks guys Locks

Come on Nexon, there’s gotta be a less time consuming way for these dam locks…

I think locks should be the #1 most need to be improved excluding major bug and lag issue.

Current Problem:

LOCKS CAN ONLY BE BOUGHT 1 BY 1: Time consuming, gotta go back and forth in cash shop and out, as well as there is always the chance you might crash off maplestory when going in or out of cash shop due to lag.
There was a post from Suggestions about putting these locks into that new NPC, DO IT.

LOCKS CAN ONLY LOCK GEARS: Gears are no longer the ONLY thing players collect, which is why I think Nexon should improve these locks to not only just locking gears, but locking other things such as Chairs, Titles, and

EVEN CASH SHOP THINGS: with the new deleting of cash items option which in my opinion is useless (can’t even delete crush rings or friendship rings people who are no longer your friends or anyone special) since now hackers just have more things to get on your nerves with. A total jerk who wants to screw you over wasting his time deleting all your cash shop gears just cause he wants to, Your pets, your clothing, and even worse possible scenario: deleting your permanent hyper rock.

Those are the problems and fixes that these Locks need to improve with…

1. Yes my friend just recently got hacked and he lost his permanent hyper rock lmao and all his chairs.

2. I have posted this suggestion once before.

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