Lumi was definitely the best class

I’m currently at 311, but with only three complete 24-hour and 6-hour explorations each. So right now, I’m working on trying to get a 4th set of both 24-hour and 6-hour explorations so that I can finally sync up all my exploration times. I just need either the two Xerxes mobs or Cygnus and Shinsoo for 24-hour, and either just Vellum or Oz for 6-hour.

Just for their sheer mobbing ability, Lumi was definitely the best class to do this with (especially in giant Orbis and Aqua Road maps), but maybe more so for me because my main was a hero/paladin and their mobbing is the absolute worst in the game. Plus my friend was nice enough to Kishin for me sometimes after the glitch was fixed, and only Lumi could keep up with the spawn.

Zero 1 of best mobs due to to the the aftereffect damage it does after a time its 400% for the tornado and 650% for the after effect of the Ground breaker skill. that makes for a combined damge of 1050% to half the map and the tornado hits until the end of the Screen.also this 1 of the few classes that don’t need MP potions for and only need Healing items for elites and bosses due to the fact if which from alpha to Beta for example he will 25% of his HP every 4 seconds.


also they have high % damage skills. normally it would a 30 second cooldown but if use your partner skills you can just reduce it to a 5 second cd.(most of Zero’s skills have cd because they are so powerful) also you can put instant revive on your self too and can make yourself invinable for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 3 minutes and resets all skill cd except the revive to 0.

I still haven’t bothered with the monster collection system yet, but I’ve heard horror stories about sets that require certain elite monsters. It’s difficult to get a specific type to spawn and you’d have to be in the right level range to get any to spawn at all. Which sets do not require any elite monsters/bosses to complete?

It’s a shame more people aren’t doing this. Getting 150 monsters only takes a day or two. Getting 300 takes quite a bit longer but is definitely worth it. All you need is a 4th job Luminous and in some cases a Kanna with Kishin and you’ll be collecting them super fast.

actually he is in friendstory and hilla is the school nurse and magnus is the gym teacher ye without horns he does look a bit different but you keep going you get to see Damien and the root abyss characters as humans XD but anyway i can’t confirm the magnus thingy but some people say in the water wars event if you do the mission for resistance for the knights you get them added to the monster collection.

in the Friendstory there is a part where you have to shoot Magnus with soccer balls and i think every shot counts as kill. bad thing is you don’t see if he get registered in there so you have to alt+f4 before the timer ends and log on different character to check if you got him.

If you have character in level range to do Tangyoon kitchen, there’s stages where you can choose to spawn Mushmoms / Snowmans alot. i heard you can get Cygnus in the Cygnus knight job advancement thing (4th?) and if u forfeit the quest after killing, you can repeat. ( i haven’t confirmed ).

Hey I actually got the Shadowy White fang elite collection and the Ice Golem Monsterbloom it gives you 3 Decent boxes when you claim the gift. However when you let the Golems explore, it only gives 1 Decent box. So yeah…. I don’t know if this is a bug or something?

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