Make MapleStory New player Friendly Again!

Hello My name is Joe and i have been playing maple for a long time now from its very early beginning !

back then it was very easy to getting in to maple . you pick a class back then was just your 4 base class to pick from of cos i pick Warrior cos Dragon Knight was cool and they had a lot of HP seeing that i was a noob my self start off and all!well back then as a Dragon Knight it was just normal that you will team up with an priest to heal u and the two of you will grow together sporting each other,you will kill and you friendly priest will loot all the drop and at the end of our training day we will sell the good drop and split the meso, well it don’t want this get to long so am get to my points this was maple at its best because it did not focus on solo story, don’t get me wrong i love compete with other for Damage and getting my equips to the best stats i can in today’s Maple world but its become so much of a solo game and i find my self not making as much friends as i use to before all the party play place like NLC maps, LHC, HOH, and SH was all nerfed to the point that no one want to go there and party no more and don’t tell me go Part Quest am level 218 and all my alts are 170+ or 200, so no party quest is not for me , i use to go leveling spots to train talk and meet new people when i was there i will add players with lilt or no damage to help them level up in the end i will end up making new friends that was not to long starting off in maple and because of our friend ship they end up playing and enjoying maple more. well i will like to open up this talk here on the forums to other players to add there input on this subject!

thank you all for your time i can say a lot more but that will be to long of a text wall !

Well i have befriended some new to maple players and after about 2weeks they all just quite saying, that they was bored of the game and it was to hard to keep up with older players and the FM. am not here to look smart, i am just worry about the fun in the game for newer and older players alike and i want to hear other players ideas about making things better.

its not like i want old maple back but as the game is now a lot or most new player find it to hard and to bored to keep them playing and this make me sad cos i know how fun maple can be again, if there was more team up or party play maps was back with good exp and if PQs give good exp and better prize we will all be doing them to every day.they even spoil EVO lab and hacker and bad people will always be a thing map or not.

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