Maple Story 2 cash shop

Hello everybody, does anyone know If Nexon will introduce P2W thing in Maple Story 2? Everyone knows they’re very greedy. I mean potentials, equip slots… etc. is such a ridiculous rip off in MS1 and big disadvantage in comparison to other players. They did so many mistakes throughout the MS1 story. I played in the times when Fangblade played, Tiger and other great players Are there any other things than pets and costumes in cash shop MS2? Things like 2x exp or drop maybe too, equip slots or some potential cubes are going to instant turn me off on the game and I will spew every time I hear word: NEXON.

I’m more about socializing game, hardcore grinding, oldschool MS1 leveling with maybe a little better drops and mesos. I really hate what they did to MS1

Jkobski You say Nexon is very greedy. Is that so? I think if they could charge a normal subscription, they would gladly do so. Players are the ones who are very greedy; reports that only 2.2% ! of players ever pay for free to play games. TWO POINT TWO. That means, those 2.2% need to pay enough to cover all costs for the full 100% of players, in order for the game to meet target profits. (btw, 46% of all revenue comes from a tenth of those players; that’s 0.22% paying for half of all fees of all players).

So, don’t accuse Nexon or other companies of being greedy until players actually start to pay for the games they play. Then, and only then, if they don’t reduce the price, you can accuse them. Otherwise, it’s really annoying to see greedy players complain constantly that they can’t have everything for free. People work very hard to develop and support these games, and they deserve a good salary. The game industry is merciless already, with so many individuals only working under temporary contracts. It’s not a pleasant thing, yet players demand more and more, and now for free.

I am happy to pay $50 and then a bit extra each month towards any game I enjoy for a long time, since that’s the amount it will cost if the game was a regular pay model anyways.

As for pay-to-win; players talk like this is a simple issue. It’s really hard. How do you make a game with lots of things to pay for, which appeal to a large range of players, yet don’t actually help you win the game? It’s absurd. Sure costumes are an option, but those do not appeal to enough players across the platform of an entire game genre. Unless your game is “dress-up-heroes”, it will never work. So, the devs are stuck in this crazy paradox of finding ways to develop meaningful content, which somehow is good enough to pay for, but not good enough to make a key difference. Sure, some companies are really blatant and charge far too much, but in general, I really feel sorry for those guys.

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