Maplestory 10th Anniversary Equips vs. Fafnir?

I was just wondering if anybody knew whether or not fafnir equips for pirate would outclass the 10th anniversary equips.

Well it depends of many factors. I can easily suggest for people who are Xenon, have a second pendant slot and have average funds but can’t afford gollux set, you could equip the whole 10th anniversary set by wearing two pendants and you can use fafnir whip. But, 10th anni still is pretty OP for unfunded players. For people who can at least afford Reinforced gollux or higher, plus Nova equipments or higher (tyrant), fafnir would be the best.

The 10% damage from 10th anniversary set is pretty much the best bonus you can have in one set, but for this case, there are way too many equipments.

If you want a 10% damage bonus by wearing the fewest equipments as possible, you may want to look for Sengoku Treasure Set (which is 3% dmg for 2 equips and 6% extra damage for wearing all 3 equips) or hoping for an event return, called Bounty Hunter. We got this event last summer, at the end of August i believe. Once we hit Lv150+, we do quests for Lv150+ which require a lot of hunting to start quest by finding a poster and we look for a specific monster it asks you to find and you get specific reward. Either Bounty Legend equips, scrolls 100% for bounty legend equips or potential scroll for these equips. 8 rewards on 12 also come with a box, which gives you ramdom 15% scroll, which can be either for bounty legend equips or lower level set, its all about luck and bounty legend scroll gives 4 weapon and magic attacks!!

In all bounty sets, there are pendant, ring, earrings and sunglasses, we can only get 1 of each, so don’t drop them and if gather all 12 posters, or rewards, you can get medal for this category of set, aka your level branch.

For Bounty Legend set, you need to be Lv150+ and in this set, there are (some stats i dont remember):

-2 set effect: crap stats and +6 attack/magic atk
-3 set effect: +7 attack/magic atk and +10% damage!!
-4 set effect: around 15 all stats, 9 attack/magic atk and +15% boss.

I personally have 3 characters having whole set. My hero, shade(submain) and marksman. My hero only uses 3 set effects, but I can use 3 set effect for 10% damage by using Scarlet Ring, Bounty Legend Ring and Bounty Legend Sunglasses without breaking my Superior Gollux Set because set ID of Bounty Legend is higher. And I also have a second pendant slot as well, so I can still equip the full superior gollux set while wearing my tyrant hyades belt.

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