MapleStory 2 Alpha Test – Day 4!

Hey guys! It’s been a few days since my last post, and there’s only one more day left of the Alpha testing for MapleStory 2! They released a video showing off the new Construction system, very cool. You can buy land (for a certain period of time), decorate it with furniture and mannequins, get special buffs, and even return home quickly while training.

There’s also some cool videos I want to share with you, as well as the BGM for this game which is amazing!

Here’s all of the BGM in the game right now, thanks to SlipySlidy! I love MapleStory’s music and it seems like MapleStory 2 will be continuing that trend. I really love Dungeon, it’s so great.

Speaking of which, you should definitely check out his site and follow him on Twitter, he works really hard to have an updated MapleStory BGM package at all times!

Let’s start with the cool things now. This is a video of a party of 10 people fighting (and failing to beat) Balrog! I love seeing the old MS1 monsters in this game, and Balrog is no exception. They beefed him up a lot, that guy was tearing through everyone!

I think boss fights in this game are way more exciting and I’m looking forward to playing.

Here’s a fight with the Last Bajar, as well as a minigame called Final Survivor which looks really fun!

MapleStory 2 Phantom

Some people are really getting into the customization of characters in this game, here’s Phantom haha. Thanks to this user on Twitter for the picture.

Evan and Phantom

Here’s Evan as well, made by this user on Twitter.

There was also someone who created equipment to look like Xenon! Thanks to this user on Twitter.

There’s also some… odd customizations hahahaha. I wonder how they’re going to moderate what users can upload when the game actually comes out.

MapleStory Developer

You can even rent boards in various cities, allowing you to put up any picture you want to!

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