MapleStory 2 Final CBT Details Preview

Nexon has released the first video of MapleStory 2 mount gameplay via its official site recently. And they also answer some questions about the upcoming CBT from MapleStory 2 fans. MapleStory 2 final CBT will be available from May 1st to May 10th in South Korea, you can read our previous news to learn more about it.


Here below are two different mount gameplays videos:

Besides these two mounts, MapleStory 2 tells us that the “F1 Racing Mode” is also under development. As for those most concerned questions frome MapleStory 2 fans, Nexon has answered them one by one.

Q1: What is the max level cap in this final CBT?

The max level cap is Level 30. And the Level 31-35 period is still developing and testing. And to make up for the absent of Level 31-35 period, we are gonna add more classes, charaters and new content to this CBT.

Q2: What about its PC requirement?


Q3: Is it a no-wipe CBT?

Sadly no, all the datum will be wiped after this CBT finishes.

Q4: How can I apply for the final CBT?

The recruitment of MapleStory 2 final CBT will start on April 15th. You can visit our official site to apply for it.

Q5: Do you guys plan to add mini-game in this upcoming CBT?

Yep, and we are still busy working on it to ensure this system will be stable.

Q6: After final CBT, what else do you prepare for us?

We are going to release open beta test in Korea after this CBT, and about the schedule of OBT’s launch please stay tuned.

MapleStory 2 development team also feel sorry about make players wait for such a long time, they will try their best to ensure every player can enjoy the last CBT. To learn more about MapleStory 2 final test please pay attention to our follow-up news.

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