MapleStory 2 game videos from recent Closed Beta phase

MapleStory 2 recently entered its official Closed Beta phase from 21st January to 25th January 2015, with publisher and developer Nexon Korea releasing several new features. Upgrades from the Alpha phase include new PvP modes, new maps and regions, and also new casual mini-games for players to enjoy. Seen in this post are some gameplay videos from the Korean community.

Kerning City now houses a “secret” dungeon known as Golden Tower, where players can encounter all sorts of delinquents and hoodlum mobs. As with most dungeons, it is timed as well. Spring Beach is a nice addition to the growing number of mini-game modes, allowing players to earn rewards without having to PvE or PvP. There are many more features not showcased here, so stay tuned!

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