MapleStory 2 Gameplay First Look

I would kill myself. Started Mabinogi back in 2008 and I quit in 2015. Did not meet many nice people. Granted it is the internet and there will always be a lot of dirtbags that are mean and rude. But still. Not many nice people.

I’ve been eager to hear more about this game. I couldn’t get into the original maplestory–but this looks hella cute and I love the crafting, collecting, and social aspects of it. Really hoping it comes to the west, please keep talking about it.

I don’t know why they always take out the aspects people love most in order to “modernize” it, first ragnarok, now this. They just make it looks generic and cheap af. One would thought they’d learn already.

it works for ms2, when ms1 began as side scrolling, people complained the same way but it worked for their chat / trade functions and made combat enticing. This will work for ms2 as the next evolution, a step up in the right direction not the mainstream or stale direction. And with most mmo’s updates will continue to tailor the game better as time goes by till they start mucking it up to milk it past expiry.

Damn MS2 is different from when it came out in 2015 the game was much harder when it first came out they made it causal friendly now… skills were much harder to LV in 2015 you had to hunt down world bosses to get crystals that you then could use to lv up your skills now you get to lv them up by just lving up.

I’ve heard about lack of endgame stuff, but hopefully they meet great success with this one cuz it looks cute af and the social elements really appeals to me and looks damn fun.

They wanted to do something different and didn’t want MS2 to compete directly with MS1. I think the art direction is pretty good, especially since its trying to do stuff most generic games aren’t (lots of non combat stuff)

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