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MapleStory 2 : The Assassin Skill Guide

MapleStory 2 : The Assassin Skill Guide

In MapleStory2, the Assassin is a long-distance dartboarder, a killer hidden in the dark, with super high explosive power, gorgeous skills, strong sense of operation, but because of the need to release skills and position frequently, the operation is more difficult high. If you are

Give me an honest answer about the insane amount of hackers in MS

[MapleStory] How I Make My Mesos in Reboot

This is NOT a meso making guide. I’m not saying this is the most efficient way to make mesos or anything, this is just to show people how I make my mesos since people were curious in how I make mesos. I put out cubing

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[MapleStory] Funding Guide Episode Fifteen – Tyrant Equipment You won’t be able to trade them after if you successfully Transpose it, so do so at your own risk. TECHNICALLY if you were to get 4pc SW (Cape, boots, gloves, weapon) that would be Best in slot however you cannot trade them anymore,

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Hard Magnus Suggestion Thread

While I’m very much aware that these threads are a dime a dozen, I think that with the V patch coming up, it’s time Nexon finally changed Hard Magnus and removed some of the antihack measures that were implemented years ago. So let’s address each


Further AMPLIFIES the negative effect upon the sum total

You don’t need Kishin to grind efficiently. Sure the spawns would be faster, but with a map size and layout that works best with whatever class you’re grinding it wouldn’t even matter since you’ll still be gaining decent exp. Plus burning stages, runes, Mercedes link

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Game Manager has an error

Game Manager has an error. Can anyone help?

I hit a wall with installing and starting the game. Getting a verified account, Downloading and installing all went smoothly. The problem I’m currently stuck with is after I loged in and clicked on the start game button on the website. I got a pop

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Returning Maplestory2 player, whats new?

I used to play this game about 1 -2 years ago around the time when Hayato came out and had no hyper skills (I think that’s what its called). Really enjoyed that class but it was an outcast compared to the rest of the DPS