MapleStory fans have been looking forward to MapleStory 2 for a LONG time now. When the housing trailer above was released back in September, there was quite a happy buzz throughout the MapleStory community. Just like real life though, housing may be a bit on the expensive side.

Cinderboy over at MMO Culture is reporting that MapleStory 2 housing is not only planned to be pretty expensive, but land for houses will also be very limited to own.

This doesn’t throw most players out of the “home owning” world though as apartments will also be available for players to rent if buying a house just seems like it’s not an option for you. MapleStory 2′s apartments will allow players to decorate their pad in any way they like and apartments will likely build their own little “communities” as you and your neighbors will be seeing a lot of each other.

Apartment buildings will also feature common areas, like swimming pools, where all of the tenants of a particular building can gather and hang out.

If you happen to be in MapleStory 2′s closed beta, you’ll also be given limited edition sunglasses and a skateboard mount when the game actually goes live.

As soon as you can get in, start saving if you plan to be a home owner!

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