MapleStory 2 [KR] New Update Brings Fishing and Musical Concert Features

Recently, the South Korean server of MapleStory 2 received the 3rd of 5 parts of its annual winter update. In this new patch, 2 social features were added, which are fishing and music composing.

The fishing function in MapleStory 2 is quite simple. There are different types of fishing rods as well as different sizes of the same fish. Besides there are also fish themed fashion costumes.

MapleStory 2

Meanwhile, the music composing and concert function is pretty awesome. Players can now compose their own music and perform to the others. Currently there are only 2 musical instruments, which are piano and guitar. Players can perform solo or in a group of 4. To encourage players to use this function, there are also some bonus perks like costumes.

What’s more, a new end-game PVE island has also been released in this update, bringing 3 new open-world bosses, a new set of end-game weapons, as well as new dungeons for solo players, along with 4-players and 10-players to challenge.

MapleStory 2

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