MapleStory 2 May Release Its OBT on July 2

It’s been half a month since MapleStory 2 KR final test finished. And what is the date of MapleStory 2’s return? Recently, Nexon has officially teased that MapleStory 2 will come back in July via its conference invitation. Though there is no significant information in this invitation, we can’t know whether its next return will be the official release or just OBT. But it still gives us a little hint.


According to the conference invitation, we can see a huge “2” with a “7” in reversed, moreover there are two exciting words “Ready Play” on both sides of the figure. We can easily imagine that MapleStory 2 will official launch on July 2. Nexon’s conference will be held on May 29, so please stay tuned for updates.

Whatever the prediction will be proved right, we still have one month to wait for the result of it. And hope that MapleStory 2’s next return will welcome overseas players, stay tuned for more news about this game.

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