MapleStory 2 New Feature Videos of Latest CBT

As we’ve known, our highly anticipated MapleStory 2‘s latest CBT finished on Jan 25th 2015. During these five days, what new contents did Nexon add in this CBT? Are you just curious like me? These videos below (from Korean community) may help us get a further understanding of it.

Kerning City is definetely a highlight of new feautures in this CBT. Kerning City now houses a “secret” dungeon known as Golden Tower, where players can encounter all sorts of delinquents and hoodlum mobs. As with most dungeons, it is timed as well. Spring Beach is a nice addition to the growing number of mini-game modes, allowing players to earn rewards without having to PvE or PvP.

More features showcased for MapleStory 2 please stay tuned for our latest news!

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