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MapleStory2 Dps Difference

MapleStory2 Dps Difference

In some MMOPRG, there is a big difference in dps between melee and range classes. Usually, range classes have a huge advantage compared to melee classes in terms of dps. They’re able to stay relatively safe while dishing out reliable and consistent dps. Melee classes


Fantasy war tactics- MapleStory 2 event review

Luminous could also be very strong on lava map I think because he could just chill on slot 4 and maybe on slot 2 or 3 is a bait so eclipse activates and he could come and disarm multiple enemys and activate equilibrium if he


Lumi was definitely the best class

I’m currently at 311, but with only three complete 24-hour and 6-hour explorations each. So right now, I’m working on trying to get a 4th set of both 24-hour and 6-hour explorations so that I can finally sync up all my exploration times. I just


Would GMS ever get any kind of system

So I’m not up to date with KMS, JMS or any other versions but I was wondering has there been anything with explorers/other classes in other versions of MS where you could like change from one class to another? Like, I’m a Bishop, but I


The protagonist reaches the point of no return

Everything moves forward. It’s like a story where the protagonist reaches the point of no return. If Maple were to have stayed in their Pre-BB roots, it would have stagnated and died just the same but this kind of thinking is useless because progress has


Bear/Cat is the suggested build

Putting points into each animal is actually a really bad idea because it will take you much longer to get better skills. Bear/Cat is the suggested build, so you can boss and also be supportive. Bear is really good at mobbing, despite being stationary for


Saint equipment seems a little to high for level 30 equipment

The prices are kind of insane I mean, maybe Nexon is giving more opportunities to earn coins but… 750 for untradeable skins, 750 for untradeable Kaiser armor, 1000 for stuff like Pig Illustrated both of which are pretty much purely cosmetics is a little… Sure

Maplestory Blockbusters and SoloStory

[MapleStory] – Monster Collection

Some monster really no idea how to get it. Yesterday i hunting wooden mask for almost 2- 3 hour to summon the but it was not showing out any of sticky wooden mask. This is irritating! I want the slowt reward last monster is


Please state the limit of coins we can get from each box

Okay so I know that the coin limit is 70 all together [35 from Crystal and 35 from Cases] but my question is, is the limit applied to the whole account, or just per character? I’m asking this because I reached the 70 coin limit