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Ayumilove MapleStory 2 New items

[MapleStory] Prime Scrolling Trixter Assassin Pants

The difference between 30% tracing (15% for weapon) and priming is honestly not a lot if you are not a Xenon. If you don’t have the spare money that Jin in this video showed just lying around, it more efficient to 15/30% trace during a

MAPLESTORY 2D platform

Why MapleStory Is Still A Good Game

A little discussion video for you guys again. Hope you enjoy these types of content because I certainly love making these kinds of vids. MapleStory isn’t as shitty a game as you guys think it is you just need to be less narrow-minded about things


Arans are pretty good mobbers

They both have amazing range and (Range). Good mobbers, but once they hit around 200 these guys are going to fall off. It’s not gonna be as easy for them and alot of us solo target people will take off. “Hayato, Thief/Pirate classes, Bezerkers, and


Damaging the arms will damage the main body as well

What’s that? You died because the game thinks you’re in range of his 1hko spam move but you’re not? What you thought the death counter mattered? Enjoy dying the milisecond you click release 5 times and having to restart. HAHA nexon can’t be bothered to


The characters all seem so bland

I just feel that the new official Hero art is a little… lackluster? I mean the art’s good, great even, but the characters all seem so… bland to me, like they’re all on the verge of falling asleep or something. Maybe it’s the way their

Ghost Ship Exorcist

Maplestory Reboot: Kinesis (what am I doing?)

I can’t believe you still check up on the comments you get on this video xD. I was looking around for maplestory reboot gearing guides and this video was one of the top videos! Glad to see that you don’t only answer questions on your


Decent skills are ok

I rather like the Status Immunity idea, considering the upcoming nerf to status resistance (in V). However, getting full immunity to just about every status, just for getting 5 explorers to 120, seems a tad bit overpowered. In comparison, currently, getting 5 Cygnus Knights to

Maplestory Familiars

DaBoki’s Thoughts On ReBoot Server : MapleStory

But Reboot has a lot of drops that can help(like Spell Traces you can sell for a lot of mesos and event items) and if you have killed a lot of monsters it is kinda hard to pick up the items you need when others