MapleStory 2 Online Alpha Adventures Part 1 Newbie Mode

MapleStory 2 Adventures Part 1 Newbie Mode

Zerging the bear world boss near the end. Kind of laggy T_T. Going to upload two videos of Maple2 today. Part 2 showing the playable jobs and stuff.

I have a feeling that MS2 is gonna blow MS1 out of the water. Not just because MS1 is in a state of decline, but MS2 has a better combat system, less clusterf*** of unneeded classes, and tons more customization and social features in ALPHA state, than MS1 currently has. House-building solo or with friends, light terraforming solo or with friends, ability to create your own clothing with images uploaded from your PC (and distributing that clothing to friends), more hair/face styling options, and of course cash shop clothing.

The social features are the biggest part, though, because while people say the 2D graphics were what drew them in, the power grinds, playing alongside friends with lots of things to do, party quests and all that were what kept them in (I don’t think I ever heard anyone say “I LOVE MS FOR 2D PIXEL ART” while playing the game). That and the customization features that allow players to personalize their characters are something that anyone will love. Hell, this is the most customization I’ve ever seen in ANY MMORPG I’ve ever heard of or played.

I think the high resolution cartoon graphics, gameplay features, and sheer resemblance to the original Maplestory (nostalgic purposes) will make a great hook, with players and friends only being welcomed into the more vast Maple world.

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