MapleStory 2: Recruit Event of 2nd CBT with Christmas Artwork

Nexon KR announced that their highly anticipated anime MMORPG MapleStory 2 had kicked off the recruit event of its 2nd CBT. This recruit is scheduled from Dec 24th to Jan 12th. Besides, 1000 players who have MapleStory KR accounts already, can get the chance to play this 2nd CBT. If you’re interested in this 2nd CBT, you can apply for it on their official site.

New video of MapleStory 2 2nd CBT

MapleStory 2 2nd CBT will be available from Jan 21st to Jan 25th, and may be there’s a IP block.

MapleStory 2 Christmas Artwork for players


All the players who get the 2nd CBT keys can also get special gifts in this game, sounds great. Can’t wait to learn more about MapleStory 2 new gameplay! Just stay tuned!

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