Maplestory 2 Sun, 21 September 04 primary patch notes

Hello, nemi.

That’s already the last day of testing.

Thank you a lot harder haejusigo testers play nice comments are of great help.

I have seen things that can not be as good as the last day that you look for a variety of favorites today!

These items are to be paid to help doesyeoteumyeon weekend surprises!

Sir, we have the final test, with the following changes –

1 of 1 specific circumstances: 1 hour deal, the problem is corrected, the channel is closed.

Eotneundeyo was a problem on one channel during a special event last boss.

Force closes the channel has been identified in the course of the first trading issues: 1 haeboni the investigation closely.

Did not know that was a deal of historical (?) Of two minutes in the internal testers have completed the modifications.

TIP! Did they invite you to a party transactions, as well as adding a friend to other users when you right-click that everybody know?

2 games will take advantage of the performance improvements in memory.

Fixed it every time you open and close the World Map is a bug confirmed that memory usage increases.

We strive to provide a pleasant gaming experience through continuous optimization in the future.

TIP! Maple World map are hidden everywhere in the world does not see a lot of maps being done there.

What I can see that people do find once been a place unknown at this Hennessy seuna hot tteutteu river?

Test report as a bonus …!

I think I used to buy a luxury to be able to see 500 million paid methods, or a ride home today.

You have to have one per account jipman in Maple World, you know.

And moved to a better home, which is already home If you want, I’d first have to sell the house you currently have.

When you talk with gimyeosa Golden Home Realty Tri Oh I can not sell the house!

Also, when you sell the house that remained to the various items are placed in the house, so please refer to regain from the true distribution of the tri-Oh Archives!

Itdapnida also install a mannequin library, in my house.

Did you sell that Kim Darling Design Association of Victoria in the Tri-Oh everybody know?

And, we will tell you how to use a transparent medium that is paid today.

Replace the character info window to drag and drop the media slot on the Other tab, clear badge 1 of belongings.

Select the area you want to make it clear Click the Settings button badge slot.

Many who wish to challenge the dungeon boss yesterday hasyeotneundeyo guide gave a party in the patch notes Raid,

Located in the hills of the woodcutter, “Horus”

“Vallarta last”, located on the lava gaebalji

Located in the cold heart “forgotten Vallarta”

To capture the above three kinds of bosses are already successful hasyeotgo

Located on the way to the black fog “Balrog” boss yet, but the state did not capture the last remaining.

Expected until terminated alpha test “Balrog” and if you can capture …

Itdapnida development team watching all concerned.

Wait for the challenge you!

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