MapleStory 2 – Wizard!

Another job teaser for MapleStory 2, this time it’s the second magician class, the Wizard!

MapleStory 2 - Wizard!


Through a pursuit for endless knowledge, they have learned to handle the forces of nature freely. They can freeze everything with a cold air, or burn everything to ashes with an intense flame. But on the battlefield, due to their unknown power, they are often the first target.

Since ancient times, Ellinia’s fairies have stayed deep in the woods, creating their own world away from humans. But suddenly, the world was thrown into severe chaos and in need of their power. They opened their door slightly, and began to carefully accept adventurers who were interested in their ancient knowledge.

Humans who have acquired knowledge with the help of the fairies are referred to as Wizards. They throw themselves in their studies due to their desire to learn everything about the world. However, some get so wrapped up in it that they disregard everything and everyone else in the world.

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