Maplestory Aran Discussion Thread

Hey guys, I made a thread fairly similar to this sometime back in 2012 and it took off quite a bit, so I figured I would try this here again.

This thread is here so we can talk about your opinions about Arans or the stories/memories you’ve made with them.
Any Pros and cons or questions you may have or want to know about that class is fair game as well.

Why you like them perhaps or why you don’t is a good start.

Anyway, lets see if we can get this of the ground!

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Aran. A few years back when I first joined Maple (pre-BB) I tried making a bunch of explorers. I’d train them all to maybe level 40 or 50 then I’d get bored of their style. None of their playstyles fit my expectations.

Then I made an Aran and fell in love. Its currently my highest class at 188 and is my main. I love the combo system attacks he has and how solid and flashy his moves can be. Its a good balance between mobbing and damage. The hp combo drain is very addicting because it eliminates the need for hp potions in most cases.

That and the wolf mount is EPIC!!! I love riding around Henesys and Free Market on it to flaunt off my ride!

Anyway, Post away!

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