Maplestory beta tester

Came and went several times over the years. I’ve been glad that I stuck with the game since first hearing about it a long time ago. I might be off topic, though I’ll also be on topic about the history as well. Though I might be off in some areas.

The only time there was an open beta would have been around 2003-2004 before closing in 2005. The game was still being developed for a larger release in English. At the time, we had people playing that were from what would eventually be the areas for GMS and MapleSEA. (Global and South East Asia) Early on we had a little split due to how both communities can be considered different beasts in the game. Some time in 2004 we had the little split happen where the communities were separated. Due to Asiasoft taking up the license for what would be come MapleSEA and Nexon expanding a branch to become the one you know today.

A few times where Tespia was live usually required someone that had an invite to the test servers ahead of time. Those I believe were a few years after GMS went live. But the times that it was available happened to be a sliver of the community. If I’m not mistaken, the decision to kill the external test server was due to no one really hunting for bugs to report. Probably why we had times where quality control that has had various levels of competency over the years.

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