Maplestory: Bug with Night Lord and Bishops In Strongholds

Hello I play in Windia. I have a NL. My friend is a bishop. we are always together. however whenever we go into the stronghold, spamming bb with showdown challenge causes the map to crash within a few minutes. The crash is simple. Your ms becomes unresponsive and freezes. After a minute it closes out. Everyone else dc also. You are wondering why i know this. I have been testing this bug for a few days. I have played with all sorts of classes and channels and time for this test to be complete. Therefore, with the ccnclusion i present to you is simple. Night Lords and Bishops in the same channel/room will eventually cause a map crash. The screen will freeze and everyone else also dc. However this only happens in the stronghold. I am posting this here because nexon doesnt do jack when i posted in the bug report section.

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