Maplestory Demon Avenger takes hits like a champ

Evan is extremely squishy! I’m level 161 right now, and I’m trying to push through the Temple of Time quests, and with the Oblivion Guardians dealing about 4k-5k damage to me per attack, and not being able to use potions as quickly as I need to (the lag adds a pretty decent delay to where I’ve died 3 times now trying to do these quests) Evans just die incredibly quickly.

It has even made me think about how quickly my health goes down when attacks go through Magic Guard, especially when I’m bossing and when I was doing Black Heaven, it was an absolute nightmare to keep my health full.

Now I don’t typically play mages, I’ve always been a Warrior kind of kind. Demon Avenger takes hits like a champ, so I guess I should ask do Mages ALWAYS feel this weak in terms of survivability? Am I just going to have to get used to this, or am I just doing something wrong?

Here are my stats and gear in case that matters. All of the Frozen Gear and the 5-Star and Below gear is fully starred, the Ghost Ship badge is 11 Stars, and the Horn Tail necklace is 12 stars. The only un-starred item is the Muspell gloves simply because I am trying to hold out for a pair of Pen gloves.

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