Maplestory Disconnecting problems

Moving this to tech. problems does not fix this growing problem

I “disconnect” anywhere from 20~50 times in any giving day.

I lost <thinks about it>
46 2x double exp / drop coupons cause I disconnected.
[all buffs are removed when you d/c oc….]

Disconnect so many times when fighting bosses.
near the end of the boss, when they have like 0.5 hp bar. OR
when it dies and item pops <disconnect>

using more then ONE potion of any type within 5 seconds apart <disconnected>

using all chat <disconnected>
walking into a area with a player in it while they are spamming skills <disconnected>
talking to friend in the chat bubble <disconnected>
have your pet pick up items is 50/50 when there is more then 5+ items on the floor <disconnected>
using your hyper rock when another player is on the field that your jumping to <disconnected>

filling out silly “Let Us Know – Ongoing Connectivity Issues ”
with a maybe they well fix this <ha> a horde of us mock this.

I know, IM not the only player with this problem, Nexon trying to sweep this
under the rug is not helping the matter at hand.

What baffles a lot of people that, from the hours of 10pm ~ 6am PST
you don’t run into connectivity problems.

Only when the bots start warping around the map not taking damage and sucking up everything
not bolted down does this connectivity stuff start…..

question > How come you never see GM’s going to known bot areas and banning bots ?

If you do
Gm< where are the bots ??? >
player<right there in front of you>
Gm<I don’t see any bots>
player<right there in front of you>
Player<that dude named GAwst4vt3atv>
player<where did the GM go…..>

last part is a joke we all talk about in our guild

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