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Maplestory Reboot Dawn Warrior Level 19x Training Post 5th

Damage wise all are great, bossing is also nice with all of them, you cant go wrong with any of them, so either focus on ease of funding or fun (which is subjective), EndNote: currently you cant go wrong with any warrior (yes even Paladin)

Maplestory Blockbusters and SoloStory

Blockbusters and SoloStory

Why must “Blockbusters” be strictly solo content? In Black Heaven, the entire Maple Alliance is gathering to fight – but you can’t bring your friends. Apparently, it’s more important to fill the Lumiere with ordinary Cygnus Knights and Resistance fighters, than to bring your friends

maplestory updates

Make MapleStory New player Friendly Again!

Hello My name is Joe and i have been playing maple for a long time now from its very early beginning ! back then it was very easy to getting in to maple . you pick a class back then was just your 4 base

maplestory Shiny Easter Egg

On the handling of the Shiny Easter Egg affair

I’d like to start by thanking Michael and the team for restoring the buffs’ permanence. It is a great improvement on past Nexon behavior, a sign that we are being listened to and Nexon is willing to acknowledge mistakes and rectify them. However, the handling


My gratitude to Nexon remains regardless for MapleStory

I would have loved to thank you for your wonderful present of a unique potential scroll. However, it ended up more like a kick in the belly than with a sweet smile. I had the happy surprise, at login, to find the present icone. Found

maplestory Xenon

My personal recommendation would be Xenon

Personally I would recommend most of the current Cygnus Knights (Mihile excluded) for the sake of accessibility and saving you ms mesos later in your 4th job. However, I had a similar experience to yours when I started playing this game. A friend recommended me