Maplestory Dual Blade Appreciation Month

I’ve always mained a Dual Blade, and I recently tried out Night Lord (soloed Cvell with it and I am still wondering if my Dual Blade can do it too.) I also trained every class to 4th job (except Evan which is odd.) I noticed that all these classes have a unique, growing skill passive/trigger skill as well as good attack distance.

EXAMPLE of “Unique skill”: Battle Mage has Grim Contract at 1st job, and Assassin’s have Mark of Assassin

These skills were introduced to Cygnus Knights during Cygnus Returns, Resistance during Resistance Revamp, and Explorers during RED. These classes didn’t have them before their respective revamp.

My favorite Explorers, Dual Blades didn’t get an impressive revamp. While Shadower gets Growing Critical and Heros get Combo Attack moved to their 2nd job as a fighter, Dual Blade hasn’t learned any new tricks.

Dual Blade is lacking a skill (avoidability is now appearing more frequently) I think they do deserve one. Dual Blade used to have Owl Spirit and Monster Bomb. Owl Spirit is from the owl theme the job carries and Monster Bomb was relating to an old quest where I had to plant a bomb in the Dark Lord’s bar (old quest before Mutiny.) It would be nice to recycle one of these skills to return Dual Blade to resemble what it was previously while keeping the revamps it got after RED. Would it be nice to have an Owl or Monster Bomb introduced at level 30 as a Dual Blade? Heck, I would like Suri to do a 100% DMG airstrike on the screen every 10 attacks or so. :/

Another issue about Dual Blade compared to other classes is its terrible attack distance. Dual Blade couldn’t hit the Pink Bean statue Pre-Red unless they used Sudden Raid, Flashbang or Eckhart’s Vampire (Blade Ascension now solves that problem.) The new distance challenge today for Dual Blades would come in the form of hitting Gollux’s eyes from the platform edge. None of Dual Blade’s revamped skills has that kind of distance except of course. I understand Dual Blade is a mobile attacker, but would it be fair to give them a bit more distance when they attack?

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