Maplestory fm app

Hi i have an idea that can greatly benefit revenue as well as maplestory’s publicity.

I am suggesting a mobile app for non-player merchant stores.

This 90 day item will not only sell, but it will make players more obligated to repurchase a merchant since there is still time left on their handheld store.

This item will also combat the maplefm website to a certain degree as well as advertise the game itself when others look at your phone over the shoulder and wonder what you are doing.

The concept of the app i was thinking of would be a mobile app where you can login with the account you have bought a mobile store with(in cash shop), and you can see a list of merchant stores that account has open. You can then select one and see what items have sold or not sold.

With the above being the most basic option i would also see it beneficial to the app if the store would be put under maintenance and prices could be adjusted.

Ty for the read and any feedback especially from a moderator/ developer would be greatly appreciated

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