[MapleStory] Funding Guide Episode Fifteen – Tyrant Equipment


You won’t be able to trade them after if you successfully Transpose it, so do so at your own risk. TECHNICALLY if you were to get 4pc SW (Cape, boots, gloves, weapon) that would be Best in slot however you cannot trade them anymore, meaning 0 resale value.

I really liked this video and all the information you gave. But the title attracts people that want to know the best way to get the range and money for Tyrants. Could you make a video about this? Or is the actual series telling us how to do so? Sorry I haven’t watched all the episodes but I will.

I know you are the thief overlord but do you have any idea what kind of damage output my hero would have to have to complete even normal magnus? other than damage, magnus 2 hits me and I can’t fathom why, it it just me?

HMag only drops tyrant capes fyi, he does not drop tyrant shoes or belts, he does however drop nova shoes and belts, so the nova shoe is a good replacement until you get enough coins for tyrant shoes.

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