[MapleStory] How I Make My Mesos in Reboot

This is NOT a meso making guide. I’m not saying this is the most efficient way to make mesos or anything, this is just to show people how I make my mesos since people were curious in how I make mesos.

I put out cubing videos and I always have mesos and I say I don’t like farming so people have been suspicious in how I make my mesos. This is to show that if you do your dailies you can acquire a pretty good amount. My cubing videos are also so far apart from each other idk why people think it’s impossible to make that much from just doing dailies…

Also do you dailies for cubes, reward points and I forgot to mention but if you need crystals then you could always extract the equips you acquire instead of just NPC’ing them.

I like running mule boss runs because it’s easy and lazy and you earn good exp. 2x events are too laggy so I usually just run off to Northern Heights or Mp3 on my Mech and let my summons do all the work while I dick around until I redrop them all.

what i do, is ignore what i made through drops and stuff and put it all in my bank, my nephew and i easily have a cool 14 million atm, possibly higher too.. didn’t really play for a while.

i’ve always done my daily’s but ive never really noticed it being like 500mil per week it felt more like half for me i m able to run most of the bosses too, chaos and such included.

There are a lot of tutorials on youtube basically you train a Kanna to 200+ and farm in a certain place(i dont remember the name) and every x minutes of killing mobs you pick the mesos and repeat that over and over again, then you buy cubes and cube your equipment to legendary and get 20% meso drop in all the equips, then you continue to farm and get mesos for your main character.

as a old player coming back to this new system it seems really fun because now you cant make exuses, if youre strong its because of your hard work and not just money.

i’m selling all pots im getting collecting all crusad coins and in the end im buying meso sacks and ry to get moeny frome it tolo and i want to see how much moeny i can make only in 10 days for now i cleard 2 days and making 41-45 mil per day and 90-95 crusad coins.

I want to get into reboot considering the markets of other servers, but i have a lot of friends in chaos that i really dont want to abandon for reboot. I really want to play reboot for the free cubes tho as I hate the idea of spending absurd amounts of money on cubes, I’ve spent only 20 bucks on cubing, but it seems like it would take much more just to get decent pots.

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