MapleStory is getting a VR game for some reason


Whatever, I’m open minded

When I was younger, I always confused 2D anime MMO MapleStory with other 2D anime MMO Gaia Online. I wasn’t a particularly bright kid. MapleStory had a cool idea by mixing up normal MMO trappings by making the game a 2D platformer. Then MapleStory 2 happened and forgot about what made the original so interesting by turning it into your bog-standard 3D MMO. Bummer.

So what better way to celebrate a troubled series of MMOs than uh… making a VR version of it for a convention in South Korea? That’s exactly what Nexon is doing, as it has announced it will be showing off MapleStory VR at the G-Star event in Busan, South Korea from November 19-22.

The game will be compatible with both the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear, and we’ve got a video of it in action, courtesy of MMO Culture.

We don’t even know if it is an MMO, or just a VR game set in the MapleStory universe. Either way it’s not exactly the VR .hack or Sword Art Online game we’ve been waiting for, but it’s kind of cute so I’ll allow it. Still an utterly bizarre choice though.

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