[MapleStory] – Monster Collection

Some monster really no idea how to get it. Yesterday i hunting wooden mask for almost 2- 3 hour to summon the elite.monster but it was not showing out any of sticky wooden mask. This is irritating! I want the slowt reward last monster is sticky .

Dear lovers of chairs in order to get monster that have a specific type of monster those are for elites only you have to summon elites monster in the map to get to get them however I tried for 3-4 character to get the commanding possibly evil seal and I have yet to summon enough elite monsters it has to be that SPECIFIC elite monster but it requires more the just a few of the SPECIFIC elite monster so either A. use alot of characters to summon elites which take about every 15minutes and 300-500 kills to summon (if you stay on the same channel) or B. you can try use the rune of darkness to see if it works for you so far still no tino chair.

Has anyone figured out the requirements for 3 stars? been hunting the healer raging tomes for awhile now and havent gotten into the collection yet. Wondering if the requirement is something different then just killing X amount.

I think the requirement for them to spawn is for you to be at least 20 levels above and below the monster level. After that, I think you just gotta grind until the right elite comes up.

if anyone hasnt told you, the weird ones are the elite monsters. so to get them you have to be within 20 levels of them to get them to spawn. thankfully the collection is shared on the world.

I think it’s for difficulty/rarity yea but I got a 3 star one in just one kill so it doesn’t exactly mean it’s harder… but most that are 3+ stars don’t have a map where they all spawn together so you can’t continuously kill.

its a fun addition, considering the Crusade book cannot be completed, though in my experience everything with a more than two stars on it is impossible to get. I killed like 60 Manos yesterday, trying to catch him for my collection and… nothing. Same with those white seals from Reina Strait, I grinded them for around 40 minute and got nothing. Not to mention that every tab has this huge boss you need to beat AND get him captured (like, Victoria got CRA, Edelstein got freaking hard Lotus!) it just seems unbalanced and inaccessible for most players, which is sad.

thanks viviones, didn;t notice the “commanding” infront of the name of the seal. Was really wondering why he was 3 stars while his tougher version was only 1, now it makes much more sense.

And btw, Maki, friend told me he managed to get a four star boss from Dojo. You can basically grind dojo out if you wanna aim for a certain boss that appears there, such as magnus or hilla, or some lower tier.

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