MapleStory Pirate Job Advancement

Pirate 1st Job Advancement (Requirement: Level 10, with 20 DEX)

Head to Nautilus Port and find Kairin. talking to her about “Path of the Pirate” should put you to Level 10. To be as ready as you can be, have a Lvl 10 Beginner waiting in “Forest East of Henesys“

Pirate 2nd Job Advancement (Requirement: Level 30)
Head back over to Nautilus Port and talk to Kairin. She’ll give you two options; One for Infighter and one for Gunslinger. Choose “Gunslinger” and then talk to Kairin again. Click the very bottom option. She’ll warp you to a map with small Octopi that you must kill. Here’s the catch: You must use Straight/Double Shot to kill them. Moon Kick will only “MISS” them. Once you’ve collected all 15 items from those octopi, talk to Kairin again. She’ll warp you back to Nautilus Port (inside her room, of course). Talk to her once again and she’ll advance you to Gunslinger/Infighter.

Pirate 3rd Job Advancement (Requirement: Level 70)
If you’ve made it to level 70 on another character, you know how this goes. Once you get to level 70, head off to El Nath. Once there, go to the Chief’s Residence, where the Third Job instructors are. Talk to Pedro (ペドロ) and he’ll tell you to head back to Kairin in Nautilus Port to gather the Necklace of Strength. Head back to Kairin and talk to her for your next assignment. She’ll tell you that you must defeat her clone in order to past the test to prove yourself worthy of the Necklace of Strenght. Go to the Cave of Evil Eye III and talk to the Door of Demension. This will transport you to another map where you head toward the battle with fake Kairin. Defeat the clone and collect the rubble piece that fake Kairin drops.

Take that back to Kairin and she’ll reward you with the Necklace of Strength. Head back to Pedro in El Nath and give him the Necklace of Strength. He’ll then tell you that you must pass one final test; the knowledge test. Head to Sharp Cliff II and go in the wooden door on the top right part of the map. Walk down and talk to the large stone to begin your knowledge test. Once you have obtained the Necklace of Wisdom, head back to Pedro and give him the necklace. Congratulations! You are now a Buccaneer/Valkyrie!

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