[MapleStory] Prime Scrolling Trixter Assassin Pants

The difference between 30% tracing (15% for weapon) and priming is honestly not a lot if you are not a Xenon. If you don’t have the spare money that Jin in this video showed just lying around, it more efficient to 15/30% trace during a Fever Time. If you want the absolute best gear you can get, and you can afford it, then that when you should even consider priming.

And don forget that it cheaper to buy pre-scrolled gear, MOST of the time. In some servers it easier to prime than others, though, until recently in my server due to Philsopher Books there were absolutely no armor primes to be found in the fm, and if you found one, they were about 2b ea, so you also have to try and snag primes for cheap during marvel when they go down in price drastically if that he case for your server as well.

There also people who can sell you prime scroll service for cheaper than what the primes will cost in the FM, but those people are even harder to find than tradeable primes.

All in all, it all depends on your current situation and how much funds you have, but these are just my observations after priming pretty much my whole set of gear.

When you are doing boss videos I always see you using phantom blow instead of asura. Is there’s any reason for that? I’m guessing you are doing that because of cap damage, but I just want a clarification.

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